Goodwood Fitch associated with FENSAFENSA

GOODWOOD FITCH is a FENSA registered company.
FENSA (the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) is the leading body providing Building Regulations compliance for homeowners replacing windows and doors.
Our installations are registered with FENSA on completion and a certificate is issued.

Goodwood Fitch associated with British Fenestration Rating CouncilBritish Fenestration Rating Council

GOODWOOD FITCH is a member of the BFRC.
The BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) is the UK’s national system for
rating Energy Efficient Windows.
Our timber sash windows have been awarded an “A” rating for their optimal thermal energy performance.

Goodwood Fitch associated with the British Woodworking FederationBritish Woodworking Federation

Goodwood is a member of the BWF (British Woodworking Federation), which not only ensures that their members conform to a rigorous set of standards of workmanship, company stewardship and environmental disciplines but also offers guidance for customers who use, or specify, its members' products and services.