Goodwood Fitch: Leading The Way in Accoya Timber Windows

"Goodwood Fitch is leading the way in eco-friendly Accoya Timber Windows and is the only company in Great Britain manufacturing an A+ energy rated timber sash window. We are proud to supply architects, developers and directly to home owners nationwide."

Accoya Timber Windows Quality PulleysQuality pulleys with nylon sash chord and balanced weights for reliability and longevity

Integrated VentAir trickle vent is integrated in the head of the sash box making it functional yet discreet and enhances the elegant and uncluttered look of the whole window together with our invisible double-glazed spacer bars make for a very attractive look than the ugly silver bars that most companies use

Traditional Horn DetailTraditional horn detail is hand shaped and is an integral part of the top sash stile – not a stuck on addition

Draught Proof SealsNeoprene weather & draught proof seals

Water DrainageElegant drain detail allows water to run off completely to prevent pooling on the window sill